Under the current economic trends, companies in the technology sector are facing lots of challenges, including cost control, market targeting, marketing channels mix, security risks.

To reduce B2B or B2C customer worry and concern and accelerate time to resolve happening situations under such challenges, Welsend are weaponed to support the technology sector with superior industry experiences, devoting to improve their operations and customer experience.

Tech Support

Tech Support

Our experienced tech support brings highest-quality, multi-channel, help desk and escalation assistance to your customers.

Who we are serving for:

  • Hardware: PC, Other Devices

  • Software & Browsers & Applications

  • Systems and Platforms: Operating Systems, Outbound Systems, etc.

  • Trouble Shooting Services Providers

  • Cloud Security

What we are offering:

  • Consulting of products and services

  • Technical support of hardware and software usability challenges

  • Revenue growth management with skilled talents

  • Security vulnerability monitoring and maintaining

  • Trouble shooting reporting and resolution

  • System conflicts management

  • Large-scale integration



With Welsend, you get comprehensive inbound and outbound revenue generation management, from before customer acquisition to after.

Our flexible sales solution leverages customer data from multiple channels to maximize targeting precision and sales conversion with social/online support, data-driven marketing, lead generation, welcome calls, renew maintenance subscriptions, and loyalty programs.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

We generate thousands of interactions with your customers across the product lifecycle and deepen relationships between you and your end users by our insightful solutions.

By building a partnership with us, you will be helped with integrated and customized service, gaining trust and consumer confidence, and enhancing true emotional bonding.

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