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People are your greatest asset:

People are your greatest asset:

  • Talent Program-At Welsend, we are committed to giving our people the infinite growing opportunity they need to succeed on their professional journey. We provide our employees with the tools, skills and resources to mold their careers.

  • Management Training Program-Management Training Institute focuses on training and improving applicants' skills as a leader or manager in the future in industries.

  • Mentor Program-One of the effective methods we invest in our people. With hundreds of successful practices, experienced mentors transfer these skills to newer or less experienced employees, helping them reach their goals. They choose where they want to go, we help them get there.

  • Certification Project-We offer certificates for each position in different levels, such as Trainer, QA, Team Leader, etc. Before officially nominated, the applicants have to pass the proprietary test to show they are qualified for the position.

  • Empower Plan-Built on our culture of Live & Learn, Empower Plan equips agents with the right knowledge and skills to exceed customer expectations the first time, every time.

  • Talk About Tomorrow-We encourage our people to display their brilliant minds and invite interesting speakers to share their experiences and insights from different cultures and backgrounds. We build an open-minded atmosphere to inspire their creation and imagination based on what they do well.

  • Welsend Lab-We keep eyes on industries and social trends all the time and are always passionate about cutting-edge concepts and technology. Welsend Lab focus on researches of their application and impacts, and provides insights and solutions to our clients.

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